January Center Menu and a freebie

I finally finished my January literacy center menu!  You can get a preview of what is included in this package.

Here is the menu that each student gets. They keep track of their centers using this menu. 

Rebuild a Poem: Sentence strips with the words and picture clues for this poem are provided to use in your pocket chart. Also, three options for the student worksheet are provided (this is one of them).

Read and Sequence: Not one or two, but THREE read and sequence pages are included: a bear themed one, the sledding one (below) and a snow fort how-to (more challenging).

Read, Visualize Draw    and     Read, Think, Match

THREE Make a Word: penguins, bears, and snowflakes (long and short vowels). Match up to make real or nonsense words.

Short or Long: students take word cards and place them on the correct igloo (with or without the silent e) to make real words.

How many O's?: Students look at picture cards and decide if the word makes the oo sound or the short o sound. 

Snow Sounds: This is really a sound box (elkonin boxes) center. Students read the words and count the sounds.

Sentence Scramblers: 4 different sets!

Slide a Sentence: Adjust the three sliders to make a sentence about bears.

Build A sentence: put word cards together to make a sentence. Word cards are color coordinated by parts of sentence (describing words/adjectives, who or what/subject, action/verb, where). Students place word cards on top of the sentence building mat to guide them in making the sentences.

Word Endings: Sentence strips are provided with this center. Students choose the word with the correct inflectional ending.

Sticker Story

Be An Author: Students use pictures to write a story. 9 pages included, but you could use as many as you would like.

Describe a snow globe: students use descriptive clues to describe a snow globe. 5 different pictures of snow globes are included.

2 Story Starters:

You can download this whole packet at my Teacher's Notebook store here.

There is also a checklist, rubric, and directions for the teacher included.

I need your help deciding which one to post as a freebie. Let me know what you'd like to have! :)


  1. I would like more info on how you have all your centers set up for the month. I read the other post about it but I'm still a bit confused. Do they just do one center from the menu daily?

  2. I love the snowglobe, sort the long/short vowel, and the sentence pocket chart idea! great ideas

  3. I'm so happy I found your blog today! Although I think I'm going to buy your packet, I noticed a little mistake in this section below. ;-)
    Snow Sounds: This is really a sound box (elkonin boxes) center. Students read the words and count hte sounds.