December menu correction and a freebie

To all those who purchased my December menu: I just noticed today that there is an error on one of the centers. How embarrassing! I was going back and forth on which end blends to use and I changed it up at the last minute-leading to my mistake. So... here's the link to get the fixed up page. SO sorry about the mistake! It's such a huge package, but I thought I had checked it over enough. Next month I should quadruple check it! Thanks:)

Here's a freebie for you all that I'm planning on doing this week sometime:
You can either do the one with transitional words already there, or with blank boxes for them to choose.

You can download these two here.

You can download this one here.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I had copies made yesterday to use next week, but then I found out I had no specials today due to the teacher being gone and no sub. We had a blast doing this and then I threw in a little Christmas tree art project I had seen on pinterest that worked perfectly with these! The kiddos loved it and we had a great time doing it.


  2. These are great thank you!!

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