Polar Express sequencing train

Are you hopping on the Polar Express with your class this year? It is one of my favorite units with my kiddos. Well let's get to it! After we read the book, we do a sequencing activity. First, we sequence the events as a class using sentence strips. Then, each student gets a copy of mini sentence strips to cut out. Then they glue the strips in order on their sequencing train. Finally, they illustrate each page to match the sentence strips. They turn out super cute!

I only have pictures of the first two events. The last three main events are on the back side.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. We need to spruce this up and cute-i-fy it a bit, maybe add some wheels or something. Any ideas? You all are probably way craftier than me! :) 

When I'm back at work, I'll repost with the sentence strips I use for this. I can't share the train front for copyright reasons. :( 

To make this train, I used larger paper (11x17)  and fold it hamburger style. Unfold, then cut it on the fold to make two separate long strips. Fold both in half hot dog style, making two rectangles on each. One will be the first two boxes. Use the other one for the third box, by cutting it on the fold, (making two boxes). One box will be attached to this train, and the other box can be used for another one.

(For better directions, click here.)


  1. The Polar Express unit is my favorite. We drink hot chocolate of course while I read, and every year children pick the Polar Express as their favorite book from the year. Thanks for sharing this idea!!