Polar Express Pack

I'm finally done! I'm pretty excited about this pack. I love the Polar Express book and movie and i love doing the whole pj's and hot cocoa with the kids. But before all that fun, we got some work to do! I'm having some major issues trying to upload this huge pack to Teacher's Notebook (the file is too big-any suggestions?), so it's not quite ready, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak:

Sequencing: Put the events in order and cause and effect

Noun Sort: picture cards with words

Matching the initial consonant with short and long a word families

Counting syllables of words from the book

Rhyming words from the book

Sentence Scrambler: 4 sentences

Summary Slide: Print this first page onto construction paper and cut on dotted lines. Cut the following page on the solid lines. Then place the strips through the holes in the first sheet (with the dotted lines). Retell the story by matching the character, event, and setting! 

Verbs: Several sentences about events in the book with the verb missing. Students use verb cards to complete the sentences. 

2 Making Connections worksheets with extra paper to write on the back

9 Writing prompts cards with prompt papers

What would you do page

Original poem for shared reading and/or rebuild a poem center

Soon, this will be available on Teacher's Notebook.

Whether or not you're interested in purchasing, I'd love to hear your comments. :) I'll be posting later with a freebie. Let me know which one you'd like to have as a freebie!


  1. This looks GREAT!!! The Polar Express is my favorite Christmas Story!! I would love the Sequencing, ,Cause/Effect or the Summarizing Slide. They would be great additions to the things I have already!!


  2. I agree with Ali! It looks wonderful and I would also like the story sequence and/or cause & effect slide. Those would be perfect :-)

  3. Sorry, I forgot to tell you what I would like. I would like the sequence of events or rhyming words. These are the two skills that we continue to work with the little ones.
    Also, I like to send a paper passenger cart home as a project and the students decorate it and add a picture of them on the window. I then display in the hallway and I am the conductor!

  4. Thanks for your comments! :) Alma, that idea with sending home a paper passenger cart sound super cute. I'll post the sequencing as a freebie since it sounds like everyone is most interested in that one. Enjoy! :)

  5. I would love to see the 9 prompting writing cards as the freebie!