Plant bulletin board

Hi All!

So I'm officially on maternity leave with #2, but of course I still have teaching on the brain when my little boys are napping. It's like an 8 week vacation with very little sleep. :) I'm taking this opportunity to spruce up some old units and centers. If I were in school, we'd be finishing up our plant unit. I thought I'd share my 2 favorite activities from years past.

#1 Student-made bulletin board: the kids LOVE doing this. Each kiddo makes fruits and veggies, then decides where it belongs on the bulletin board (bush, tree, under ground, from the ground, or on a vine) depending on where they grow.

#2: What plant part are you eating?

After doing this interactive website, I pass out a sheet of stickers to each student. We identify each fruit and vegetable, then together we decide which plant part they are.  For example, onions are roots, asparagus is a stem, etc. It's nothing special, but you can download your own worksheet here.

I bought these at my local teacher store, but you could also make your own stickers using clip art and printing on sticker labels.


  1. I have a teach friend I'm sure would love both of these ideas- will try to remember to pass them on to her :)

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  3. I have been all over seeing that most places have been teaching the simple concept of seeds inside means that it is a fruit. I am so glad that someone has posting something on how to teach them what things really are and not using and simple idea when it never gets detailed. I am so thankful and my four year old is loving the ideas you shared. Thank you so much!