December Center Menu

I am finally done with my December Center menu! It has all sorts of goodies included. The whole packet is 100 pages. Here a small snapshot from the packet to give you an idea:
Here is the student menu.

There are 4 reading centers:

Rebuild a poem: This is the student sheet, but the actual center is written in a pocket chart. Students are given the first word of each line of the poem in the pocket chart, then need to rebuild the rest of the poem. Two poems are included. 

Read, Visualize, Draw: Students read each sentence, pause to visualize, then draw what they are visualizing. 

Read, Think Match: Students read and cut out each small strip of clues. Each strip has clues like, "I am wearing a scarf. I am holding a tree. I have a hat. Who am I?" They have to use these clues to match to the correct picture. I purposefully put the clues in such an order that they would have to read all the clues to match correctly. Lots of reading and thinking! Two versions are included to meet the needs of your class: this one with 6 pictures and one with only 4 pictures. 

Read and Sequence: Students read and cut each sentence strip. Glue in order. Two different choices for this center. 

And 4 Word Work Centers

End Blends: Students match the ornaments with pictures to the correct tree blend ending. For example, an ornament may have a picture of a vest with the letters v e _ _. They would place this ornament on the tree with the -st.

sorting station: students sort picture cards to the correct vowel. 

Contraction Stack: Students match the top word pair to the bottom contraction to finish the snowman.

Sounds of y: Students will read each gingerbread man and decide if the y in the word makes the long i sound or long e sound, then place it on the correct gingerbread house.  Pictured above is the student worksheet.

And 4 Writing Centers:

Mystery bag: students will give clues about an item in the mystery bag, practicing descriptive language.

Post office: 4 prompt cards included for ideas of who to write to (pictured above are two) and 4 students worksheets are included (one pictured below)

Sticker story

Holiday lists: 3 pages are included (with 2 lists on each page)

and 4 Sentence Building Centers
Asking or Telling: Students place each sentence strip on the correct mat (labeled asking or telling). Each picture has two sentences: one question and one statement. Two student worksheets are included: One version where students just add the punctuation and the other where students must write out the whole sentence and add punctuation. 

Sentence Scrambler: 3 sentences included and a students worksheet.

Sentence Wheel: This was featured on a previous post. Students spin the wheel to make different sentences.

Word Endings: Students choose -ed or -ing to fit with the sentence. I place the sentences on chart paper first with the -ed and -ing endings on separate cards with magnetic tape on the back. Students add the endings first to the chart, then reread to check for accuracy, then write the answers on the student sheet.

You can purchase this at my TPT store.

My kids LOVE these menus! They are so nice for me because I don't have to put out new centers every week. Once you have them all cut, laminated and made, then you have then done for the next year and it takes very little prep (just copying student sheets). So nice!

Check out my tips on how to organize here.

I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks:)

You can download the rubric here.


  1. I just found your blog. I'm your newest follower. Cute stuff!! I love the sentence wheel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah
    This is the greatest thing I have ever purchased. This has made my life so easy. Thanks for your hard work. I noticed you did this format for Oct. and Nov. do you plan on doing one for Jan. I will be the first in line to buy it. Thanks for your hard work and the willingness to share

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! you totally made my day. I am working on January still, but I will be posting it soon. I'm so glad you like them!