Christmas freeby...a little early

So I know it's WAY too early to start talking Christmas, but Starbucks started it when they brought back the red cups so early! I can't help myself, I am giddy for the season. Anyhoo, I was having way too much fun making December-themed centers for my next menu, so I thought I'd share one with you all a little early. Since I'm on maternity leave, I'm not in the classroom being reminded that it is still only mid November, while you all are smack in the middle of making turkeys and pilgrims. Sorry to jump on the Christmas wagon too soon, but you'll have to bear with me!

Hello Santa Sentence Wheel!

If you are interested and want to tuck it away for the appropriate time, you can download it here.
Clip art is from: 

I promise to wait until after Thanksgiving to post more Christmas relate goodies. :)

Stay tuned for my December menu and more tips on how to manage them. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to show my little ones.