Holiday around the world map freebie

Hi Everyone! I bought Rachelle's Holidays Around the World unit and can't wait to use it! I made a map to go with it and thought I'd share it with you all. You can get it here.

Polar Express Literacy Pack Freebie!

Here's a freebie from my Polar Express literacy pack. I hope you can use it! :)

Click here to download sequencing page

To see more, click here.

Clip art from:

Polar Express Literacy Pack

Ignore my last post, I figured it out! So, now officially my Polar Express Literacy Pack is done and posted. :) You can download it here.

 I'm pretty excited about this pack. I love the Polar Express book and movie and I love doing the whole pj's and hot cocoa with the kids. But before all that fun, we got some work to do! 

You can get the whole package at Teacher's Notebook.

Polar Express Pack

I'm finally done! I'm pretty excited about this pack. I love the Polar Express book and movie and i love doing the whole pj's and hot cocoa with the kids. But before all that fun, we got some work to do! I'm having some major issues trying to upload this huge pack to Teacher's Notebook (the file is too big-any suggestions?), so it's not quite ready, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak:

Sequencing: Put the events in order and cause and effect

Noun Sort: picture cards with words

Matching the initial consonant with short and long a word families

Counting syllables of words from the book

Rhyming words from the book

Sentence Scrambler: 4 sentences

Summary Slide: Print this first page onto construction paper and cut on dotted lines. Cut the following page on the solid lines. Then place the strips through the holes in the first sheet (with the dotted lines). Retell the story by matching the character, event, and setting! 

Verbs: Several sentences about events in the book with the verb missing. Students use verb cards to complete the sentences. 

2 Making Connections worksheets with extra paper to write on the back

9 Writing prompts cards with prompt papers

What would you do page

Original poem for shared reading and/or rebuild a poem center

Soon, this will be available on Teacher's Notebook.

Whether or not you're interested in purchasing, I'd love to hear your comments. :) I'll be posting later with a freebie. Let me know which one you'd like to have as a freebie!

Sunshine Award

A very special thanks to Mrs. Mac from First Class with Mrs. Mac for passing on the Sunshine Award. You really made my day!! How cute is your blog name too! Make sure and check out her blog.

The rules for the Sunshine Award are: 
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. Pass the award to 10-12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

  • Favorite color: Pink - always and forever:)
  • Favorite animal: turtle. I know this sounds strange, but I've loved them since I was a kid. I used to do an impression of a turtle named Toddles (who had an English accent) for my sister when she was mad at me. It always made her laugh. She has a turtle now named Toddles. 
  • Favorite number: 2 
  • Favorite drink: Coffee and wine
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don't get Twitter yet
  • Your passion: Teaching. I love it!
  • Favorite day: Christmas! I'm such a sucker for the holidays. It puts me in such a good mood.
  • Favorite flowers: lilies  
Here are my recipients for the Sunshine Award (I narrowed it to my top 5): 

Stay tuned for my Polar Express Pack coming later tonight! I'm finally almost done! :)

Rhyming center

Believe it or not, I am posting something non-Christmas related. My head is exploding with all of these ideas I have but I am not back to work for another week. Yes, I am going back to work for only 2 weeks then I have another 2 week break for Christmas. Maternity leave has been lovely, but I'm ready to go back. What a time to go back huh? Back to my non Christmas related post. I made a rhyming center to go with my Bear book study (Karma Wilson's Bear books). You can download it for free here. Here's a peak:

And I added one more thing to my Bear pack. You can download the new graphic organizer here.

You can read more about the entire packet in this post.

Stay tuned for my Polar Express Pack! 

Great Gift Idea

As you may have heard, today is Small Business Saturday. I'm here to tell you about a great small business called Paper Moon Shop. Paper Moon Shop is offering FREE SHIPPING today! I get a ton of my Christmas shopping done here. I also buy stationary for myself to use as a teacher and for friends and family. You should all really check it out! Get some shopping done and get some stuff for yourself to use as thank you cards for your students! :)

Here are some of my favorites:

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Polar Express sequencing train

Are you hopping on the Polar Express with your class this year? It is one of my favorite units with my kiddos. Well let's get to it! After we read the book, we do a sequencing activity. First, we sequence the events as a class using sentence strips. Then, each student gets a copy of mini sentence strips to cut out. Then they glue the strips in order on their sequencing train. Finally, they illustrate each page to match the sentence strips. They turn out super cute!

I only have pictures of the first two events. The last three main events are on the back side.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. We need to spruce this up and cute-i-fy it a bit, maybe add some wheels or something. Any ideas? You all are probably way craftier than me! :) 

When I'm back at work, I'll repost with the sentence strips I use for this. I can't share the train front for copyright reasons. :( 

To make this train, I used larger paper (11x17)  and fold it hamburger style. Unfold, then cut it on the fold to make two separate long strips. Fold both in half hot dog style, making two rectangles on each. One will be the first two boxes. Use the other one for the third box, by cutting it on the fold, (making two boxes). One box will be attached to this train, and the other box can be used for another one.

(For better directions, click here.)

December Center Menu

I am finally done with my December Center menu! It has all sorts of goodies included. The whole packet is 100 pages. Here a small snapshot from the packet to give you an idea:
Here is the student menu.

There are 4 reading centers:

Rebuild a poem: This is the student sheet, but the actual center is written in a pocket chart. Students are given the first word of each line of the poem in the pocket chart, then need to rebuild the rest of the poem. Two poems are included. 

Read, Visualize, Draw: Students read each sentence, pause to visualize, then draw what they are visualizing. 

Read, Think Match: Students read and cut out each small strip of clues. Each strip has clues like, "I am wearing a scarf. I am holding a tree. I have a hat. Who am I?" They have to use these clues to match to the correct picture. I purposefully put the clues in such an order that they would have to read all the clues to match correctly. Lots of reading and thinking! Two versions are included to meet the needs of your class: this one with 6 pictures and one with only 4 pictures. 

Read and Sequence: Students read and cut each sentence strip. Glue in order. Two different choices for this center. 

And 4 Word Work Centers

End Blends: Students match the ornaments with pictures to the correct tree blend ending. For example, an ornament may have a picture of a vest with the letters v e _ _. They would place this ornament on the tree with the -st.

sorting station: students sort picture cards to the correct vowel. 

Contraction Stack: Students match the top word pair to the bottom contraction to finish the snowman.

Sounds of y: Students will read each gingerbread man and decide if the y in the word makes the long i sound or long e sound, then place it on the correct gingerbread house.  Pictured above is the student worksheet.

And 4 Writing Centers:

Mystery bag: students will give clues about an item in the mystery bag, practicing descriptive language.

Post office: 4 prompt cards included for ideas of who to write to (pictured above are two) and 4 students worksheets are included (one pictured below)

Sticker story

Holiday lists: 3 pages are included (with 2 lists on each page)

and 4 Sentence Building Centers
Asking or Telling: Students place each sentence strip on the correct mat (labeled asking or telling). Each picture has two sentences: one question and one statement. Two student worksheets are included: One version where students just add the punctuation and the other where students must write out the whole sentence and add punctuation. 

Sentence Scrambler: 3 sentences included and a students worksheet.

Sentence Wheel: This was featured on a previous post. Students spin the wheel to make different sentences.

Word Endings: Students choose -ed or -ing to fit with the sentence. I place the sentences on chart paper first with the -ed and -ing endings on separate cards with magnetic tape on the back. Students add the endings first to the chart, then reread to check for accuracy, then write the answers on the student sheet.

You can purchase this at my TPT store.

My kids LOVE these menus! They are so nice for me because I don't have to put out new centers every week. Once you have them all cut, laminated and made, then you have then done for the next year and it takes very little prep (just copying student sheets). So nice!

Check out my tips on how to organize here.

I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks:)

You can download the rubric here.