President's Unit part 2

Here are a few activities for President's Day/week.

1. KWL chart: What we already know, what we want to know, and what we learned (at the end.)

2. Anticipation Guide for If I Were President by Catherine Stier. This is a great book that explains the jobs of a president in a very child-friendly way.
Fill out the left side before reading as a guess. Then, after reading, fill out the correct answers on the right side.

3.We did these sentence scramblers in groups then presented them to the class and placed them on the white house. The sentence scramblers reveiwed the jobs of a president.

4. Balancing the budget: An activity to help students see what it's like for a president to make tough decisions. They are given $2.00 and they must choose how to spend the 2.00. There are task cards explaining some of the different needs for the money.

First students place their dimes ($2.00 worth) on the different task cards to show how much money they want to give each program.

Then, they color in the amounts they chose on this worksheet. They had a lot of fun with this.

To see more click on the picture above.


  1. All of your stuff is SO fabulous Sarah! I seriously love it!

  2. WOW Loving this mini-unit! It is exactly what I needed! Thank you for sharing!


  3. This is AMAZING!!!!!!! Girl, I can't believe you don't have this on TPT! :)

    Just found your blog- Love it!

  4. Thanks you for the nice comments! You all just made my day! :)

  5. So excited I've found your blog! Love this unit and all of the stuff you post. This will be my first year in first after 7 years in second, so you are really helping me out!

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  7. Love this!! Thank you so much!