President's Day unit part 1

I'm slowly getting my President's Day mini-unit together. I have a lot of great books to read to the class, which will help with all of these activities. First, I'm going to do this tree map with the class.

There are four different options:

  • Page 1: They can write it in themselves after reading/discussing
  • Page 1 and 2: They can cut out and place in the correct column
  • Page 3: They can do the one that is already placed with some words left out

Then, we'll compare Lincoln and Washington with this Venn diagram.

Every year I've done this cute Lincoln craft, which my teaching parter gave to me. It's from the 80s I think, but as I like to say, "it's an oldie but a goodie!" I'll post a picture tomorrow. They are SUPER cute!

More activities to come! I'm making some activities for the class while they pretend to be the president for a week. They will balance the budget (sort of), choose other leaders for their "country", support or veto "laws" and help solve some world problems. :) I'd love to hear what you think!

To see more, click on the picture below:


  1. Basically I love everything!!!!!!! Seriously??? How did you know I was looking for FAB ideas for President's Day?

  2. These are some cute ideas. We just started our President unit and I'll be sure to use your tree map. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this too!! Can't say thanks enough!! I love these can/have/are tree maps. They really get my kids thinking!