These fabulous bloggers have passed along to me the "Stylish Blogger Award":

Dana Baker at A Place to Share 
Jenn Bates at Finally in First
Heidi Samuelson at Swamp Frog First Graders
Amanda Thiessen at The First Grade Sweet Life

Thank you SO much!! 

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7 things about myself (in no particular order): 

~I love to dance! It makes me so happy. 

~I have a wonderful husband who I've known since high school. He's the best!

~My son is about to turn 2 in March and is almost better at puzzles than I am!

~I am a horrible artist! That's why computers and clip art are my best friends. My first graders love to cheer me on when I attempt to draw stuff, but even they try not to laugh. :)

~ I could have goat cheese, cheese-its, bread and butter, and wine for every meal and be perfectly content.

~Eye drops and contacts make me faint big time! I'm not very much fun at the eye doctor. :)

~I'm a huge Gleek and I'm a not-so-secret reality T.V. and sci-fi fan. 

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  1. Your comment about contacts made me laugh. When I first got contacts in 6th grade, I threw up on the eye doctor and passed out the first time he put them in my eye. Horrible experience. Now, it's second nature but it was a long road for about a year :(


  2. I want to give you the biggest THANK YOU for choosing to pass this onto my new blog!! I am still trying to find out how to share all of my ideas, but I really appreciate your support! These are some of the reasons I just love the teaching community!! Check out my blog to keep your award going!